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Seasonally Rotating

April 2024


Georgian Flatbread
mozzarella, feta, parmesan, egg yolk and herb compound butter (vegetarian)


Mezze Platter
za'atar hummus, olives, vegetable tabbouleh, pickled vegetables and grilled pita
(vegan, gluten free optional)

Simple Salad
local greens, shoots, seeds, pickled onion, radish,
and sherry-shallot vinaigrette (vegan & gluten-free)


Laotian Crispy Rice Salad
red curry fried rice with herbs, toasted peanuts, fish sauce, sweet sausage, crispy shallots, and garlic served with lettuce cups
(gluten-free optional)


Steamed Bao Buns
crispy pork belly OR sweet soy glazed tofu, Cantonese barbecue glaze with sunomono pickles, and grilled scallion kewpie mayo
(vegan optional)

Chaat Salad
arugula with roasted carrots, fingerling potatoes, asparagus, pickled peppers, tamarind chutney, cucumber-mint raita, topped with chivda
(VO, VEG, contains tree nuts & peanuts)

pan fried dumplings filled with green beans in black bean sauce with shaved cabbage salad, and chili-soy dipping sauce

Feta Phyllo
phyllo stuffed with feta, pistachio, dried fruit, Aleppo pepper, thyme, sumac, sesame seed, honey
(contains tree nuts)

Crab Herb Cavatelli

lump crab, roasted asparagus, snap peas, whipped lemon ricotta, crispy leeks, & herb oil

nezuelan corn cakes, queso de mano, cumin seed butter, cilantro, & pickled vegetable relish

Roasted Flounder

creamy Italian white beans with grilled artichokes,

arugala, blistered cherry tomatoes, and Italian salsa verde

(gluten-free optional)

Crispy Harissa Cauliflower
harissa glazed crispy cauliflower with savory fig jam, chive and pistachio dukkah
(contains nuts, vegan optional)

Amberjack Tostada

fresh tuna with aji amarillo sauce, avocado salsa, matchstick radish, pickled onion, & cilantro

Chicken Schnitzel
crispy chicken with German potato salad, piparras peppers, garden herbs & lemon-dill sauce
(contains pork)

Doner Kebab Platter
pan roasted spiced lamb and beef with marinated cucumber-tomato salad, garlic yogurt sauce, pickled turnips, and french fries

Moules Frites

steamed PEI mussels with creme fraiche, shallots, white wine, and herbs topped with fries


Filipino Pepper Steak
seared hanger steak with garlic fried rice, pickled papaya salad, and fried egg


Mille Feuille
bavarian cream, roasted strawberry- rhubarb sauce, white chocolate strawberry milk crumb

house “mascarpone cheese”, coffee & rum soaked lady fingers, cocoa powder

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