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Breakfast & Lunch served
9am to 3pm Tuesday thru Sunday


Pastry Of The Day
daily selection baked fresh each morning

Breakfast Burrito
eggs, tater tots, cheddar cheese, black beans, green chili salsa, flour tortilla (vegan optional)

Breakfast Sandwich
barbecue bologna, fried egg, pepper jack cheese,
spicy mayo, brioche bun

Brie &Mushroom Crepes
two warm crepes stuffed with brie cheese, mushrooms,
garlic & thyme, topped with arugula salad,
pistachio & herb vinaigrette. (vegetarian)

Avocado Toast
avocado, feta, pistachio dukkah, sprouts, red pepper vinaigrette, toasted sourdough (vegan optional)

Vegetable Frittata
daily selection, served with simple salad (gluten free)

Soups & Salads

Soup Du Jour
daily selection

Simple Salad
mixed greens, shoots, seeds, pickled onion, radish,
sherry shallot vinaigrette (gluten free, vegan)

Mediterranean Salad
mixed greens, cauliflower tabbouleh, feta, tomato, cucumber, dried dates, pistachios, tahini-basil dressing
(gluten free, vegan optional)

Corn Chaat
sweet corn, peaches, tomato tamarind chutney, pickled peppers, arugula, cherry tomato, cilantro, crispy potato nest (vegan)

Add to any Salad:
avocado, crispy chicken, bacon, marinated tofu, hummus,
falafel, or crispy shrimp


served with a choice of side:
kettle chips, simple salad, tater tots, soup du jour

hummus, pickled onion, feta, lettuce,
yogurt cilantro hot sauce, pita (vegan & gluten free optional)

Banh Mi
marinated tofu, mayo, mushroom pate, pickled vegetables,
sweet herbs, jalapeño, cucumber, sub roll
(vegan & gluten free optional, contains walnuts)

Fried Chicken
crispy chicken thigh, spicy mayo, house pickles,
bibb lettuce, brioche bun

Shrimp PoBoy
crispy shrimp, remoulade sauce, sautéed peppers &
shredded lettuce on hoagie roll.

Pork Mojo Torta
braised pork shoulder, mojo sauce, pickled jalapeños,
swiss cheese, dijon, pressed sub roll (gluten free optional)

Ratatouille Melt
stewed eggplant, zucchini, peppers & tomatoes smothered in melted mozzarella cheese served in a warm hoagie roll. (vegetarian & gluten free optional)

Thai Steak Wrap
seared marinaded hanger steak, served with cabbage salad, chili peppers, peanuts, toasted coconut, carrot & ginger lime vinaigrette, in a tortilla wrap (contains nuts)

Sides & Snacks

Mezze Plate
za'atar hummus, cauliflower tabouli, pickled vegetables,
olives, grilled flat bread (gluten free optional, vegan)

Spanish Cocktail Mix
spanish almonds, pistachios, crispy fava beans,
chickpeas, corn kernels

Blue Atlas Cookie
chocolate chip, crispy rice, oats, coffee

Brown Butter Brownie
chocolate chip, cinnamon

Brown Butter Blondie
chocolate chip, cinnamon