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Our Story: Welcome
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 Blue Atlas focuses on globally inspired dishes which are meant to be shared with friends and family as is the tradition in many cultures around the world. The restaurant was first conceptualized when owner, Rachel Best, spent two years living in the Republic of Cameroon in Central Africa. Upon her return to the US, Rachel moved back to Boulder, CO and got a culinary certificate at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. During her time in Boulder she was the Executive Chef of the acclaimed Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant for 5 years where she was highlighted in Vegetarian Times and named one of Zagat’s “Top 30 Under 30 Chefs.” It was here that she met her now husband & business partner, Ben, who was the Sous Chef of a community staple, Brasserie 1010. He expanded on his classic French background and developed contemporary techniques with Next in Chicago as well as Brenner Pass & Lemaire in Richmond. Blue Atlas is the marriage between Rachel’s world travels and Ben’s classical training. We want to honor the traditional and offer a contemporary twist while maintaining a sense of humility and respect for our ingredients.

The menu will rotate seasonally and our focus will be on vegetarian dishes as that is the primary diet of many other countries. With the changing global environment we believe that vegetables at the center of the plate is also a more sustainable practice and will be the future of dining. Our mission is to showcase the diversity of our products by highlighting the ingredients in differing cultures across the globe. With health and wellness as one of our core values we also strive to provide a clean-eating experience. We truly believe that we are what we eat and if we focus our efforts on promoting the health of the people it will reflect on the health of the world. 

So, please, join us in our classroom where we can share stories and learn more about the traditions, history and cultures of our world. 

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