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Next Vegan Takeover: January 25th & 26th

Reservations required for this event with a $10 booking fee per person taken at 

booking, this fee will be applied toward the bill at the time of dining.

October 20th 2022 - Vegan Takeover Menu

Crispy Rice Squares
avocado kepi, spicy wakame salad, sesame seeds, pickled daikon radish (gluten free)

Myanmar Tea Salad
fermented tea with cabbage, peanuts, sesame seeds, fried yellow lentils, and crispy garlic (gluten free)

Mushroom Lumpia
crispy filipino egg roll stuffed with sweet potato, carrot, cabbage and minced dehydrated soy,
served with sweet chili sauce and sesame green beans

Bolivian Empanadas
baked hand pie with kale, mushrooms, and potatoes, served with peanut soup and hot sauce (contains nuts)

Spaghetti Squash Latke
beet cream, shaved brussel sprouts in a pickled mustard seeds vinaigrette, and apple-pear chutney
(gluten free, contains tree nuts)

Sabich Flatbread
roasted eggplant, hummus, Iraseli salad, smashed harissa white beans, fried potatoes, amba sauce

Indian Tomato Curry
spicy tomato broth, garden green tomatoes, and crispy gram sev, served with millet flatbread (gluten free)

Chickpea & Celeriac Kebabs
toasted couscous, celery, spiced date syrup, cilantro-onion salad (gluten free)

Butternut Squash Moussaka
roasted squash, tomato braised lentils, cashew béchamel (contains tree nuts)

Orecchiette & White Beans
creamy tomato broth, braised white beans, roasted broccolini and garlic bread crumbs (contains tree nuts)

Double Chocolate Banana Cake
brandy sauce, banana chip granola

Baklava Rolls
phyllo crust, pistachio-walnut-agave filling, served with sweet saffron custard (contains tree nuts)

Oat Milk Hot Chocolate
served with cookie (gluten free)

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